According to the 2020 edition of an Ifop survey, Decathlon is once again the company that is most admired by the French across all sectors of the economy. The French-based sporting goods retailer held the top spot also in 2019, in the first edition of the survey. Peugeot, which was second last year, has also retained the same position, while EDF (Electricité de France), a French multinational electric utility company, has now taken the third spot after gaining seven places in one year. ADP (Aéroports de Paris), in 46th place for 2020, suffered the heaviest annual fall after losing 19 places. The list of the 50 most admired companies was published on Oct. 24 in Le Journal du Dimanche, a French weekly newspaper released on Sundays, which commissioned the survey. Not only did Decathlon retain the first spot, but it also improved its performance, with an overall score of 12.4/20, up from 11.6 in the 2019 edition of the ranking. The recent health crisis possibly contributed to boosting the company’s status further. According to Romain Bendavid, director of corporate expertise and social climate at Ifop, interviewed by the JDD, Decathlon remained connected with the French at a time when cycling, jogging and walking were among the rare pleasant activities they could still enjoy under coronavirus-related restrictions. Decathlon posted 3 percent higher revenues of €3.3 billion in 2019 in France alone, where it has 324 stores and a staff of 23,000. It generated €12.4 billion in revenues globally.