The Fischer ski brand has become a sponsor, along with Red Bull, for the Nordenskiöldsloppet, for the longest cross-country ski race in the world, which is set to start on March 27 in a reindeer breeding area at Jokkmokk, in the Sami region of northern Sweden, above the Arctic Circle. The 220-km race is a revival of a a cross-country ski race named after a polar explorer, Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, who had two of his team mates run an incredible distance on their skis in 1884. In 2018 the temperatures were well below zero, the snow kept coming and about 120 skiers quit. The triple champion Andreas Nygaard called it “brutally hard.” The next year five of the six top finishers used Fischer skis. In connection with the sponsorship, Strava is holding a contest to win such prizes as a pair of Fischer Speedmax 3D skis and a starting place for the 2022 race.