According to an analysis by Brand Finance, Italy’s win at the UEFA Euro 2020 this month is projected to benefit the Italian GDP by €4 billion in the short-term. The team’s technical sponsor, Puma, is also likely to be a winner. The French men’s national team went into the 2018 FIFA World Cup with €71 million in annual sponsorship and after winning the trophy, the annual sponsorship fees jumped by 29 percent to €91 million for the recent Euro 2020, reminds Brand Finance. Based on France’s case, Italy’s recent win could deliver an additional €13 million in sponsorship income, taking the total sponsorship income to €59 million. Italy signed an eight-year kit manufacture contract with Puma in 2015, but the team then failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup for the first time in 60 years. Italy winning the Euro could now result in Puma getting a significant return on this sponsorship investment. As for Italy’s economy, the analysts at Brand Finance expect the enthusiasm generated by the recent victory at Euro 2020 to lead to an increase in spending, particularly on food, drinks, tobacco, household goods and services, transport, recreation, culture and hospitality.