The American rapper and businessman Kanye West apparently intends to “walk away” from his deals with Adidas and Gap unless he is appointed to their respective boards. He said so in North Charleston, South Carolina, at a rally for his U.S. presidential campaign, which began with a tweet on America’s Independence Day, July 4. West filed his statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission on July 16, listing himself as a member of the hitherto non-existent Birthday Party (BDY). He has said that he will model his policy after that of Wakanda, the fictional kingdom of the recent movie Black Panther, which draws from comic books dating back to 1966, in the thick of the civil rights era. The Yeezy Gap line was announced only about a month ago, on June 26, and scheduled to hit stores next year. Gap has been expecting the 10-year deal to generate about $1 billion in sales and will be paying royalties and potential equity to Yeezy, which West wholly owns. The Adidas deal, which Forbes claims has catapulted West into the billionaires’ club, was the first in which West sought royalties, which reportedly amount to 15 percent of sales. It dates back to late 2014, with the first products making their debut in February 2015. Neither Gap nor Adidas has commented on West’s announcement, and it remains unclear whether the terms of his contracts would permit any walking away, “but when God calls Moses,” West said, “he has to leave his comfy job working for the Egyptians and free the people.”