Macron is the new technical sponsor of Italy’s Lega Nazionale Footgolf (LNF), the network of footgolf associations in the country, which also claims to be the largest footgolf network in the world. Footgolf is a sport that combines, as the name suggests, football and golf, although it is more closely related to golf. It is, indeed, often played on golf courses. Clubs are replaced by feet and golf balls by footballs, while the holes are enlarged to a diameter of 50cm. The purpose of the game is to finish the course with the fewest shots. The LNF was founded in September 2016 from the merger of four amateur footgolf associations (ASD), recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI): Footgolf Emilia Romagna, Footgolf Liguria, Footgolf Lombardia and Footgolf Veneto. Today, the LFN is led by Diego Fuser, a former football player for Italy’s national team and various Serie A clubs, including Torino FC, AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, Parma and AS Roma. Fuser has been president of the LFN since December 2020. Macron will be working with LFN representatives on the development of the uniforms for the new game, plus lifestyle apparel collections and merchandising. The operational management of Macron’s supplies to the LFN will be handled by the Macron Store in Genoa.