McDavid, a company that specializes in sports medicine, recovery items and personal protection equipment for variety sports, has developed a face mask for athletes. Available in three sizes and various colors, its new re-usable Sport Face Mask is structured in three layers. An antimicrobial lining effectively blocks droplets and particles in the air: between the outer layer and the lining, an antimicrobial, water-repellent and breathable silver filter made from recycled PET provides protection. Germany’s Hohenstein Institute, which has tested the bacterial resistance of the material, confirmed that it retains significant antimicrobial activity after 100 washes. In addition to this protective mask, the company will also be presenting other anti-virus products that are set to be launched in the autumn 2020, such as a collection of balaclavas. McDavid belongs to United Sports Brands, which also includes the Shock Doctor, Cutters and Nathan brands.