At number 47, Nike is the most valuable sports brand in Brand Finance’s top 500 for 2021. In fact, it is the only sports brand to break the top 100. The second brand in sports, at number 126, is Adidas. Only one other sports brand made it to the list, way down at number 467: Anta Sports. In order, the top ten are AppleAmazonGoogleMicrosoftSamsungWalmartFacebookICBCVerizon and WeChat. Apple has reclaimed the first spot, overtaking Amazon and Google. Sports brands in general lost ground last year as they lost market capitalization. Nike slipped nine slots, its value having declined by 12.5 percent to about $30.4 billion at the start of this year. Adidas dropped 26 slots and Anta 20. The Spanish department store chain El Corte Inglés, which sells sporting goods among many other items, rose through the ranks from 403 to 320. The list’s number six, Walmart, also sells sporting goods.