More than a year after Swedish companies POC and Exeger unveiled a technology and an idea to develop, design and manufacture a helmet with self-powered lighting at the Rouleur Classic in London, POC has now unveiled the Omne Eternal bicycle helmet. Designed to increase the cyclist’s safety on the road, the Omne Eternal features an automatic light that does not need to be charged with a cable or activated with an on/off switch thanks to Exeger’s Powerfoyle, a photosynthetic energy source integrated into the helmet. Exeger and POC feel that the new helmet has the potential to address personal safety concerns that still keep many adults from switching from cars to bicycles for transportation. In addition, Powerfoyle has the potential to provide unlimited clean energy, redefining energy harvesting because it is powered solely by light – both sunlight outside and artificial light inside. It can be integrated into any other product that uses a self-powered supply source. The POC Omne Eternal costs €250 and will be available online at ifrom June 2021.