In October, Reebok will be releasing the Forever Floatride Grow, a running shoe with uppers derived from eucalyptus trees, midsoles from sustainably cultivated castor beans, sock liners from bloom-algae foam and outsoles from plant rubber. According to Footwear News, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has conferred some sort of certification on the shoe – or, perhaps more probably, on the origin of its components. Emily Mullins, Reebok’s product director, noted in a statement that “making running shoes out of plants is challenging because they need to withstand impact. We have been able to replace petroleum-based plastics that are traditionally used in running shoes with plant-based plastics.” In addition, Siena Farms of Boston, Massachusetts, will be supplying a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce box – a sustainable wood crate and a half-bushel of vegetables – to each of the first 50 people who purchase the Forever Floatride Grow through the Reebok Unlocked platform. For every purchase up to 50 pairs, Reebok will donate a CSA box to an indigent family. As we reported earlier in September, On Running has a similarly plant-based running shoe in the works, the Cyclon (also made in part from castor beans), but is pairing it with a circular subscription service.