Working with Chamatex, the design office of Groupe Zebra and Bosch, Salamon has developed an anti-pandemic mask for athletic training and competition. It will hit the market in Feb. 15, at a price of €18, coming into two varieties: running and winter. Nine months of R&D at Chamatex’ factory in Tarare, France, have led to a patent for its design and manufacturing. According to Salomon’s vice president of footwear, Guillaume Meyzenq, the mask “is worn like a natural and functional extension of the body.” The problem was to keep the mask away from the mouth while still aligning it with the contours of the face, and the answer lay in modifying the vertical geometry of a typical mask, and then laser-cutting the components and fusing them with ultrasound. The production line – designed at Rodez, Bosch’s largest factory in France – can turn out 10,000 masks per month.

Salomon - mask

Salomon - mask 2