The North Face (TNF), whose motto is “Never Stop Exploring,” has announced the launch of a new team of special people from all over the world who see themselves as explorers or adventurers – from scriptwriters and photographers to trail runners and powder enthusiasts. Members of TNF’s new ”Explorer Team” receive early access to the latest TNF collections, are invited to work on innovative campaigns and given the opportunity to get in touch with the athlete team to realize new projects. With the goal of putting together the largest, most comprehensive and diverse team of ”explorers” in the world, the search for members has already begun. The British singer-songwriter Jess Glynne is just one of many creative and talented individuals; others include the Swiss snowboarder David Babacar Djité and the Swedish photographer and mountain climber Emma Svensson. From Germany and Austria, the photographers Tom Glocker and David Herzig as well as the adventurer Nina Gigele are also part of the team. For Tina Rolen, vice president marketing at TNF, this is the next step for the brand: “The Explorer Team will allow us to connect with a truly diverse group of people and use their collective power to change the way we look at things and work. They will help us to find our brand voice to inspire the next generation of discoverers in these difficult times.”

Photo: © The North Face