Unrest is the name of a new French brand of fitness apparel made with 100 percent natural and biodegradable materials that is set for a launch in September, after nearly three years of development. Founded by Lucile Trouette, the brand is working with a Portuguese textile supplier while the manufacturing process takes place in Bordeaux, Trouette’s hometown, as well as in a Portuguese workshop. The labels in organic cotton and GOTS-certified are made in Portugal. The start-up will accept pre-orders from April 19 to May 28, for an initial range comprising two models of unisex T-shirts and one especially designed for women. The initial price range is between €30 and €36 depending on the model and fabric, which will then evolve into €36 to €45. All the T-shirts are made with a blend of natural fibers on a Tencel base, the lyocell fiber produced by Lenzing. The signature Unrest T-shirt is made with 67 percent Tencel and 33 percent GOTS-certified organic cotton. One year before she set up her own company, with the aim of producing clothing for tennis and running, Trouette co-founded another apparel brand called Civil Unrest.