Wecount, a Chinese company focusing on the design and manufacture of smart fitness equipment, is launching an innovative “home gym” that can be conveniently stored under a bed or in an office through a Kickstarter campaign. The system, which looks like an extra-flat carrying case, features a series of resistance bands that can be adjusted to provide the optimal resistance for more than 100 different AI-guided exercises. Each band is said to stretch up to five times its own length. The tools and suggested exercises are meant to simulate the professional equipment found in gyms, such as a rowing machine, stationary bicycle, barbells and more. Users can select their favorite exercise using a companion app on their cell phone. The app, which receives data from a built-in smart sensor, stores training logs, analyzes workout data, and tracks progress over time. The system can be set up in one minute, according to Wecount. The included travel kit gives users the possibility of working out anywhere without taking the larger work platform. Founded in 2013, Wecount is based in Huzhou, China. The Wecount AI-Powered Portable Home Gym is currently being launched via a Kickstarter campaign on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1743567800/wecount-the-best-wfh-era-home-workout-device