According to, Puma has introduced a collection of sports apparel and footwear in conjunction with First Mile, a “people focused” company in the U.K. that collects waste from businesses and dispatches it to partners for recycling into yarn, the objective being to curtail the flow of waste into landfills. First Mile employs a network of about 4,000 people – notably in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan – to handle the waste collection, mostly of plastic bottles. Its efforts produced about 300 tons of yarn in 2018. Puma’s new co-branded collection consists of shoes, T-shirts, shorts, bottoms and jackets, 83 to 100 percent of whose raw material consists of this yarn. According to Puma’s head of corporate sustainability, Stefan Seidel, the partnership has “diverted over 40 tons of plastic waste from landfills and oceans, just for the products made for 2020. This roughly translates into 1,980,286 plastic bottles.”