Puma, which was recently accused of damaging a 17th-century building in Delhi with the painting for a shoe commercial, will restore the site to its original aspect. According to reports by FashionNetwork.com, the German sportswear brand has directed the agency responsible for causing the damage to restore the building to its original condition and also keep the authorities informed. Puma told FashionNetwork.com that any disrespect to national heritage properties in India was completely unintentional. The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) had accused the company of permanently damaging the building with the graffiti painting for Puma's campaign “Suede Gully.” A spokesperson from Balancing Act, the production agency for the campaign, confirmed to FashionNetwork.com it was taking necessary steps to restore the heritage site to its original form. The agency attributed the confusion to the owner of the building, who allegedly did not know that the site was categorized as a “haveli” (palace), according to the list of heritage sites of Delhi's government. The agency and the owner are now reportedly working together to adhere to the guidelines established by the Indian conservation authorities. The “Suede Gully” campaign is promoted by Puma as a celebration of Indian culture.