Puma will no longer be the kit provider of the Irish Rugby Union (IRFU), and it will stop sponsoring rugby in Europe altogether. According to Reuters, the German firm will continue to supply kits to cover the 2013-14 rugby season, leaving 18 months for the IRFU to replace Puma before the Rugby World Cup 2015 in England. As previously reported, Puma, which is part of the PPR conglomerate, is cutting back on less-lucrative sponsorship deals in an attempt to counter falling profits, as part of a major reorganization plan. The current chief executive, Franz Koch, is due to leave in March. Meanwhile, Scotland's rugby team, one of Ireland's rivals in the Six Nations tournament, announced that Macron would be its new kit supplier starting in July. Under the four-year agreement, the Italian company will replace Canterbury of New Zealand. Macron will also supply kits to the Scottish clubs Edinburgh Rugby and Glasgow Warriors.