Matteo and Luca Morlacchi, the Italian brothers who invented OutDry, the technology which Columbia Sportswear acquired 10 years ago, presented a new waterproof and breathable membrane called HDry® at Ispo Munich 2020 with their company Altexa. Now, Altexa and GHS Holdings announced the launch of the HDry® brand in North America. Like OutDry, the HDry membrane is laminated directly to the exterior material, and Altexa says that it is “the most advanced technology for waterproofing outdoor products through direct (3D) lamination of a waterproof/breathable membrane.” It is ideally applied high-performance, waterproof technology for gloves, outdoor footwear and backpacks. The HDry brand name is derived from an abbreviation of the chemical name for water (H2O) combined with the word “Dry” and represents the affinity between technology and water. HDry is also committed to protecting the environment. The HDry compound consists of a waterproof/breathable membrane based on polyurethane in combination with a thin polyester knit. The lightweight HDry membrane is completely PTFE-free and no perfluorinated compounds (PFCs, PFOS, PFOA, etc.) are used in its manufacture. HDry does not contain any toxic substance on the REACH / ECHA list.