The ANWR Group, the international cooperative of independent retailers based in Mainhausen, Germany, that controls Sport 2000 and other franchised chains in various countries, estimates that orders for the next season will be around 30 percent below the average volume of the past years. For this reason, ANWR recommends its members to be even better prepared than usual and organized an online seminar, “Limit Planning.”

A key message is to significantly increase the share of carryover items for spring /summer from this year to the next in order to protect gross profits. “At best, every retailer should take a close look at each shoe in the store and consider whether it can still be sold in the coming spring or summer,” says Tobias Eichmeier, managing director of ANWR. In this way massive end-of-season clearance discounts can be avoided. “I don’t have to sell black pumps at discount prices if they will be similar again next year,” he noted. 

Order planning for the next season will be closely linked to cash management. A topic ANWR has discussed in its online seminars.