Decathlon is opening a shop-in-shop at a Conad supermarket in Rivoli, an Italian town near Turin. The 310-square-meter space will sell a selection of Decathlon products with a focus on fitness, running, swimming, trekking, sports nutrition, sports bags and protective sports equipment. Customers will pay for these goods at the usual Conad checkout with the rest of their items. In addition, a series of lockers will be placed in the supermarket parking lot to allow customers to collect the products they have ordered online from the Decathlon website. The initiative is meant as a test prior to the opening of more Decathlon shop-in-shops in other Conad supermarkets across the country. Earlier this year, Decathlon partnered with Carrefour Italy on a similar scheme. In France, the sporting goods retailer is already selling its products at select Franprix and Auchan supermarkets, as previously reported by SGI Europe. It is working in the U.S. with Walmart as well as Amazon.