Slinger Bag, which launched its signature product as recently as the spring of last year, has introduced its combination ball launcher and tennis bag in about 37 countries so far, and it is now planning to introduce similar launchers for pickleball and pádel at some point this year and developing launchers for other ball sports as well.

Over just the past couple of quarters we have covered the company’s entry into Israel, Russia, the Gulf states, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Chile. The company claims that its total distribution deals amount to about $200 million in terms of consumer purchases over their duration. In late December, moreover, Slinger Bag started trading on a special over-the-counter stock market and reached a market capitalization of $24.2 million.

All of this has occurred, of course, during a pandemic – no doubt in part because the very purpose of the product is to enable a tennis player to practice without an opponent.

“Our product has filled a gap in the tennis market,” says Mike Ballardie, Slinger Bag’s CEO. “Sales have beaten all forecasts to date and we expect this trend to continue in all markets as we progress,” he added. His international experience and contacts through his career at Wilson Sporting Goods and Prince Sports helped him no doubt to secure many of the distribution contracts.

His brother Jon Ballardie, who is distributing Slinger Bag in the U.K. and Ireland through his own 30-year-old wholesale company, Framework Sports, says he has seen “unprecedented demand for Slinger Bag” in the U.K. and Ireland since its launch there, in June 2020. Framework has expanded its warehouse and logistics operation to a second site to accommodate it.