The Signa Group has entrusted Richard A. Johnson (no connection with the current chairman, president and CEO of Foot Locker) with the management of its expansion in international capital markets, with a particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and the non-German speaking European markets. With Johnson, Signa wants to further expand the company’s investor base outside the core European markets. The Austrian-based real estate and retailing group that has become a big player in the sporting goods market through Signa Sports United, Karstadt Sports and SportScheck. More than a year ago, the Austrian group brought in Aeon of Japan and Central Group of Thailand as partners in Signa Sports United, the parent company of Tennis-Point and other sports e-tailers (SGI Europe Vol. 30 N° 1+2 of Jan. 11, 2019). It partnered more recently with Central Group for the takeover of the Globus department store chain in Switzerland (SGI Europe Vol. 31 N° 5+6 of Feb. 9, 2020). Richard A. Johnson, who has worked in the global real estate industry for 33 years, was most recently managing director for the global real estate business of UBS Asset Management in Zurich, where he will be based in the future, too. Previously, he held senior positions at Standard Chartered, JLL and CBRE, stationed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Dubai and London.