The 47-year-old Australian native, who has been with Adidas for 22 years, took the place of Gil Steyaert on the executive board of the Adidas Group at the beginning of this week to be charge of global operations. Steyart, a 56-year-old Frenchman who has been sitting on the board for the past two years, after running the Western Europe region, is leaving the group after 20 years to pursue new career opportunities elsewhere.

Martin Shankland, who started to work for the company as finance director of Adidas' subsidiary in Moscow for Russia and the CIS countries, made his mark as its managing director for 17 years, turning it into a clear market leader in the region, notably by setting up a big network of mono-brand stores for both Adidas and Reebok.

Since 2017, Shankland has been serving as group managing director for Emerging Markets. Based in Dubai, he has set up an organization that covers the Middle East, Turkey, India and Africa. His successor in the post has yet to be appointed.

As an Australian, Shankland is joining a truly international board, led like Puma by a Dane. Two other members in charge of finance and sales are German. A British native is in charge of human resources and an American leads marketing.