Sinn, a German fashion retailer, has assigned consultants to study the competitive situation in some German cities in relation with the potential tie-up between Karstadt Warenhaus and Kaufhof, Textilwirtschaft reports. It emerged last month that the owners of the two German department store chains had started talks about such a merger. Friedrich-Wilhelm Göbel, Sinn's chief executive, told the publication that it was evaluating whether the two chains together would have a dominant position in cities where both of them as well as Sinn operate. The company is reportedly considering filing an objection about the competitive situation in case the merger goes ahead. Formerly SinnLeffers, Sinn is a group of about 20 stores that compete directly with the two department store groups in some areas, particularly in terms of textiles. Andreas Mundt, president of the German anti-cartel office, previously told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that a merger between Karstadt and Kaufhof would be thoroughly evaluated, down to regional markets, categories and suppliers, and including online retailing.