Skechers is upgrading its European distribution center, which it opened in 2002 on 21,000 square meters at Milmort, near Liège in Belgium, as volumes have risen fourfold since then. The center was already expanded in 2009. The company is now installing an automated order-picking system at the facility. A logistics integrator, Wynright, will set up a sorting and shipping system at the center, which currently employs 150 people. At present, goods are stored at the center until they are redistributed to customers in Europe, including local distributors, Skechers stores and specialized chains. Orders are prepared manually, with the operators navigating 45,000 square meters of shelving and pulling the merchandise needed for shipping. The two existing buildings will be reorganized with an automated sorting system that will increase the storage capacity and manage the picking and packing of footwear. Pairs will be grouped at packing stations into final shipping cartons and conveyor belts will transport them between operational departments, until they are palletized and ready to ship. The Milmort facility receives goods coming from China via the port of Antwerp.