In its third year, World Snowboard Day just keeps getting bigger and bigger. On Dec. 21, 108 ski resorts from 26 countries participated, luring nearly 50,000 participants to the slopes for snowboard lessons, demos and product testing. The event started in 2006 with 34 resorts in 10 countries.

For the most recent Snowboard Day, the most-represented country was Finland, with 19 percent of all participants. After that came Japan, with 15 percent, France with 13 percent, and Italy with 9 percent.

The largest chunk of snowboarders, 81 percent, were between the ages of 15 and 30. Eleven percent were under 15, and 8 percent were aged 30 to 50. Female participation is growing: in 2007, 16 percent of the riders were girls or women, and in 2008 that total was 28 percent.

World Snowboard Day was launched and organized by EuroSIMA, the European Boardsports Industry Manufacturers Association, with help from the World Snowboard Federation.