Stadium, the large-scale Swedish sports retailer with nearly 140 stores across Sweden, Denmark and Finland, is preparing to move into Hamburg next year. The company's chief executive, Gustaf Öhrn, said that Stadium had picked Hamburg because its concept was right for that particular market; the weather conditions were not unlike those in Scandinavia; and logistics would be relatively practical in northern Germany.

Stadium will only slightly adjust its concept in Hamburg, probably to include a few local brands. The timing of the first opening remains uncertain because Stadium has yet to find the right location.

Apart from its vast network in Sweden, Stadium currently has 11 stores in Denmark and 19 in Finland, after several openings there in the last few months. Öhrn acknowledged that Stadium's potential for expansion had become limited in Sweden, where competition has been heating up with the entry of XXL, Décathlon and Usports and Stadium already has a large market share. Stadium's openings in Sweden in the last months have included a striking number of outlet stores. On the other hand, Öhrn still sees plenty of space for Stadium to expand in Finland and Denmark.