Alo, a yoga brand founded in Los Angeles in 2007, has just entered the Metaverse with the launch of an “immersive wellness experience” on Roblox, an expansive global platform that brings together a worldwide community through shared virtual encounters. The virtual Alo Sanctuary is a place designed to serve as a “true sanctuary in the digital world” and ”a place of retreat and healing.” According to Alo, ”soothing sound baths and gentle lapping water from the surrounding beaches fill the digital terrain, and round-the-clock opportunities for mind-body wellness are found at every turn.” This includes guided meditations led by instructor Kirat Randhawa, a yoga studio showcasing new Alo Moves classes daily, and exclusive yoga poses. While the Alo Sanctuary is free of charge, Alo also offers its first entry into digital fashion with a storefront featuring a curated collection – to be unlocked and worn by the user’s Avatar. If all this is too virtual for you, you can experience all of it live at Alo’s Spring Studios sanctuary - provided you’re in New York City. The Alo Sanctuary on Roblox will only be available for a limited time. Because even in the Metaverse, nothing is infinite.