The annual report published by Asics a few days ago states that the company is on track to reach sales of ¥400 billion (€2,981.8m-$3,328.1m) for the fiscal year until the end of December 2015, which is the target of its five-year strategic plan. This compares with sales of ¥354 billion (€2,639.1m-$2,945.4m) for the nine months until the end of December 2014, which was a truncated year due to a change in the group's fiscal year-end, as previously reported. Based on NPD figures, the report estimates the global running market at the equivalent of about ¥2.8 trillion (€20.9bn-$23.3bn), with the Americas making up about 44 percent of the market and Europe 25 percent. The Asics brand's estimated market share ranges from 20.2 percent in Europe to 17.8 percent in Japan and 12.5 percent in the Americas.