The Financial Times reported last week on growing enthusiasm for running in China, explaining that runners in the larger cities had to enter draws to be allowed to take part in half or full marathons. The British newspaper writes that about 100,000 people applied for full or half marathons in Shanghai last year, but only 23,000 were allowed to run. The FT further mentioned a survey from Nielsen, showing that running has become the main choice by Chinese sports enthusiasts, with about 70 percent stating that they prefer it even to badminton. About 80 percent of those surveyed had purchased sports footwear in the last year, 30 percent got a gym membership and 60 percent downloaded a fitness app on their smart phones. Catherine Sun, the first female Chinese runner to complete seven marathons on seven continents, wants to spread the habit further, by organizing 100 marathons in small and medium-sized cities, in order to get one million peopele on the mainland China running. The soaring interest in running, despite the issues caused by urban pollution, is one of the topics in the market research published by EDM Publications last year on the Chinese sporting goods market.