Thun, the German producer of bicycle parts, has donated €3,500 to “Mein Regenwald,” (My Rainforest) a project – run by the German non-profit organization Chance e.V. – to protect and explore 180 square kilometers of rainforest in the Peruvian Andes. The Peruvian Forestry Authority has made Mein Regenwald the official steward of the forest, which is the country's fifth-largest private nature reserve. Mein Regenwald will also be trying to help nearby farming villages achieve sustainable development and rise out of poverty. Thun's donation should save 60 hectares of rainforest from destruction while offsetting about 600 tons of the company's annual emissions of CO2. Thun has discussed future cooperation with Chance e.V.'s chairman, Jens Bergmann. Mein Regenwald could in time expand the area under its stewardship such as to offset the entirety of Thun's emissions