Speedo International is reportedly launching an investigation into a factory in India that manufactures products under its own brand name, because another Indian factory owned by the same licensee is suspected of labor abuses. The factory is operated by Speedo’s licensee for India and Sri Lanka, Page Industries, which distributes Speedo-branded products to more than 50,000 stores. Headquartered in Bangalore, Page holds the local license for the Jockey brand of underwear as well. In 2018, it was operating a total of 17 factories at 15 sites in India. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund recently ejected Page from its portfolio, on the recommendation of Norway’s Council on Ethics. The council claims that Page’s management forbids employees to unionize and that the management of a factory in Bangalore, with a staff of about 1,400, has engaged in verbal and physical harassment of employees and failed to comply with health and safety regulations with respect to fire, electrical wiring, personal protection equipment, maintenance and indoor air quality. The factory that makes Speedo products underwent a WRAP audit by a firm called Intertek a year ago and received a “green” (passing) rating.