Since the end of last month, Fibo has held four events: the European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF), FIBO@business and FIBO@home from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 and the FIBO Shopping Week on Oct. 4-11. All have been, for the first time, digital. Together they have drawn more than 4,500 participants – a quarter from abroad – and a little less than 30,000 visitor registrations. There have been virtual exhibition stands, online meetings, video chats and lectures, either live or on demand. Held on Instagram for public-interest visitors, FIBO@home called on the services of influencers, bodybuilders and other experts. About 25,000 people watched FIBO@home’s live program of workouts, panel discussions, interviews and cooking sessions. The live lectures of FIBO@business, aired from the same FIBO TV studio in Cologne and delivered by a number of industry figures, generated about 1,000 hours of watching. The content included market analyses, health, corporate health management, customer loyalty schemes, training methods and digitalization. The Matchmaking Program brought together exhibitors and visitors in video meetings. The EHFF, administered by the European EuropeActive association, had the chief executives of training-equipment producers and club operators broadcasting from the studio as well. The lecture program’s 100 or so sessions and the exhibitor profiles will remain available on the FIBO@business platform through Oct. 16. Free registration will be open until Oct. 13. The next Fibo trade show is scheduled for April 8-11, 2021 at the Cologne Exhibition Center.