FISE has announced the first web-only version of FISE Montpellier, its international action sports festival. The decision follows the cancelation of the 24th edition of the current event in France over health and safety measures related to the coronavirus. The e-Fise Montpellier by Honor webseries will be held from July 9 to September 20. Athletes in each sport, both pro and amateur, will compete via video entries that they will post on the platform. The winners will receive prize money of the same amount per discipline as the 2019 edition, said the organizers. During the contest period, there will also be a “Webfestival” featuring online activations with DJs, riders and artists in exclusive events. At e-FISE Montpellier by Honor, seven sports and 12 disciplines will be represented: Wakeboard cable, BMX Park, BMX Street, Roller Park, Roller Street, Skateboard Street, Skateboard Park, BMX Flatland, Trottinette Park, Trottinette Street, Parkour and Breaking. Further details can be found at