Macron, the Italian sportswear company based in Bologna, has announced a virtual replacement for the annual Bologna Marathon, which was supposed to take place on March 1. The brand is the official technical sponsor of the event. The first Bologna Virtual Marathon is scheduled to take place on June 5-6-7. Participation in the virtual run is open to those who were previously enrolled in the “Bologna Marathon” and “30 Km dei Portici,” the first two Italian running races that were cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. Participants will need to have, or register for a Strava account. Information on the event is available at The traditional version of the running events is expected to resume in 2021. Meanwhile, Macron is also helping the local community during the pandemic by making available 500,000 face masks at a price of 50 eurocents each, in collaboration with the municipality of Bologna. Local residents will have the opportunity to buy up to 100 masks each via a dedicated platform, from May 22 to June 14.