United Brands, the Belgian sports retailer, has reinforced its equity to continue enlarging its store network. A store of 2,000 square meters will be opened at the start of December in the city center of Aalst, and another store of the same size will appear near the K shopping center in Kortrijk in March. In the meantime, United Brands will also relocate its existing UB Extreme store in Antwerp. The retailer will then have 14 stores around Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of the country, focusing on board and mountain sports. To support this expansion, United Brand's chief executive and shareholder, Marc Piessens, has converted €2.5 million of loans he made to the company into share capital. Piessens fully owns United Brands, which is gaining market share in Belgium with its expanding store network and a smart blend of snow sports, action sports and sports lifestyle products.