With a double-digit sales increase for the second quarter and the first half ended June 30, Europe outperformed other markets for Giant Manufacturing Co., thanks to the strengthening demand for e-bikes. Sales remained soft in China, although the company was encouraged by an increase in high-end carbon bikes in the market. Globally, the company's sales of electric bicycles jumped by 40 percent in the first half of the year, leading to a 7.9 percent in consolidated revenues to a total of 29.2 billion Taiwan dollars (€831.9m-$949m). For the second quarter, Giant's sales rose by 13 percent to TW$ 15.2 billion (€433.0m-$493.9m). Net earnings fell by 35 percent to NT$ 746.8 million (€21.2m-$24.3m), partly due to higher taxes and a currency effect. They would have risen by 26 percent if exchange rates had remained steady.