Yue Yuen, the leading manufacturer of sports footwear, saw its sales increase by 3.6 percent to about $7,297 million for the full fiscal year until the end of September. The company's shoe manufacturing business lifted its turnover by just 1.5 percent to $5,074 million, with a decline of 4.9 percent in orders from Europe. Sales of athletic shoes progressed by 1.8 percent while sales of casual and outdoor shoes inched up by 0.5 percent for the year, and the total volume of shoe manufacturing contracted by 5.4 percent to 308.9 million pairs. Meanwhile, the group's sports retail and wholesale business in China advanced by 13.6 percent to $1,636 million, but the company added that this was mostly due to the acquisition of regional retailers and the opening of new stores. The group's net profit for the year reached $506.2 million, which was an increase of 12.5 percent, but this included non-recurring profit of $38.5 million. Yue Yuen has been investing to adopt a more customer-oriented approach and to sharply improve its inventory management on the retail side. Still, the group expects only moderate sales growth for the current fiscal year.