One of the two major sports brands has already indicated that it is interested in participating in the new consumer-oriented show, which is set to be held for the first time in Paris next June 12-14. This brand and the board of directors of FIFAS, the French sporting goods industry association, were persuaded to support the project presented by a French marketing expert, Francis Jaluzot, and by his personality. He has launched Sport and various other sports magazines in France and the U.K.

Called “Bougez!” (French for “Move!”), the new salon is going to cover all kinds of sports activities under one roof, in contrast with six other specialized exhibitions that cover fitness, cycling, the outdoor and other segments. It is expected to be more successful than the Sport Show launched in Genoa several years ago, partly because it will address a larger active population, and because it is starting out with realistic objectives.

Jaluzot’s three-year business plan calls for a minimum of 100-150 exhibitors on a surface of 7,000 square meters for the first year. Sports brands, sports retailers, sports associations, tour operators involved in sports tourism, media and other organizations will be invited to participate. Product demonstrations and many other events will be held during the three days of the show with the sponsorship of exhibitors and others.

The new show has already won the support of important media that will help publicize it. The supporters include Eurosport, MSN and Radio Monte-Carlo. Together with billboards and other tools, the advertising campaign is going to be worth the equivalent of €2.5 million, ensuring 350 million impacts ahead of the fair. The leading French sports daily, L’Equipe, was not invited to support the show because it tried unsuccessfully a few years ago to launch a similar event.