After two decades of monopoly, L’Equipe, the leading French daily sports newspaper, whose circulation recently declined to an average 320,000 copies per day, saw the launch of two competitors on the same day. 10 Sport was introduced to the market last Nov. 3 by Michel Moulin, and is partly owned by Next Radio TV, a French media group involved in radio and TV broadcasting. As a simultaneous counter-attack, the Amaury Group, owner of L’Equipe, launched Aujourd’hui Sport, positioned just like 10 Sport: tabloid format, reduced price (€0.50, half that of L’Equipe’s), football-focused contents. Both new publications claim to have sold more than 100,000 copies of their first issues, but sales are said to have dropped below 40,000 copies since then, far from the targeted break-even point of 80,000 copies. The official circulation figures will be released in December. In the meantime, Robert Lafont, one the biggest French magazine publishers, announced that it is going to launch another daily newspaper on next Jan. 26, which will include only football contents