After two to three years of friction between the two Norwegian retail groups, Anton Sport and Sport 1 have decided to work together again. While remaining separate entities, the two groups will become part of the same retail chain, in a structure similar to the one they shared until Sport 1 kicked Anton Sport out a few years ago. Existing stores within the two retail chains will be able to choose between the two banners. Anton Sport’s drive to push retail development in Oslo and Akershus will now be facilitated by Sport 1’s new logistics center built in Kløfta. The collaboration has been made possible since Gjelsten Holding took over majority ownership of Sport 1. The buying group now has about 200 affiliated stores in Norway, and Anton Sport will add another 18 to this total, which will considerably strengthen Sport 1’s position on the market. Sport 1 had sales of 1.3 billion Norwegian kroner (€162.7m-$233.6m) in 2007, while Anton Sport aims to generate 400 million NOK (€72m-$50m) in 2008.