ASICS reports a 10.0 percent increase in global revenues to ¥56.84 billion (€348.9m-$480.5m) for the first quarter ended June 30, but while operating income declined to 13.2 percent to ¥7.94 billion (€48.7m-$67.1m), mainly due to increased advertising, currency exchange benefits helped to lift the net profit by 10.0 percent to ¥6.18 billion (€37.9m-$52.2m). In Japan, sales grew by 6.8 percent to ¥20.39 billion (€125.2m-$172.4m), but operating income dropped by 13.0 percent to ¥1.87 billion (€11.5m-$15.8m). ASICS also recorded 13.2 percent less operating profit in Europe, where it fell by 13.2 percent to ¥4.15 billion (€25.5m-$35.1m) in spite of an 8.3 percent sales increase to ¥20.18 billion (€123.9m-$170.6m). In the USA, sales increased by 11.4 percent to ¥12.24 billion (€75.1m-$103.5m)and profit rose by 1.7 percent to ¥1.33 billion(€8.2m-$11.2m).