At Hongxiang, third-quarter revenues increased by 45.9 percent over the same period last year to 698.2 million renminbi (€79.3m-$102.4m). Gross profits went up by 33.9 percent to RMB 280.8 million (€31.9m-$41.2m) for the Chinese company. All product segments experienced revenue growth, with apparel having gained the biggest jump up by 132.6 percent from last year. Accessories and footwear improved by 40.3 percent and 17 percent respectively. Hongxiang cited operating efficiencies, increased retail selling prices and 142 additional outlets as primary reasons for growth. Despite the slowing global economy, the company aggressively increased its domestic marketing efforts through extensive advertising and sponsorship activities. Hongxiang hopes to improve the slower-growing footwear segment by diversifying its line with the addition of canvas shoes and flip-flops.