Britain’s snow sports industry continues the decline that has been noted since 2001, as the latest annual survey by the Snowsports Industry of Great Britain (SIGB) has found. Sales of hardware for snowsports fell by 3 percent in the year that ended in April, and snowboarding is hurting the most. Sales dropped by 13 percent for snowboards and by 12 percent for snowboard boots as compared to SIGB’s 2007 survey.

Sales of ski boots also fell but were the strongest-selling item, with 67,327 pairs sold down from 69,377 the year before. However, the average price rose by 14 percent, so the total ski market grew by 14 percent – compared with an overall drop of 27 percent in snowboarding.

The SIGB does note, however, that the drops from this year were the smallest yet, perhaps signaling hope for the industry in the future.