Intersport PSC Holding of Switzerland reports net profit of 2,896,000 CHF (€1.8m-$2.4m) for the financial year ended last Apr. 30, up 9.1 percent from 2,655,000 CHF in the previous year. Operating income (EBIT) jumped by 24.8 percent to 3,396,000 CHF (€2.1m-$2.8m). Ending the year with 207 franchisees and 65 buying members who operate 357 stores, with annual retail sales of about 500 million CHF (€304m-$419m), the Swiss buying group recorded an increase in its own revenues of 5.9 percent to 234 million CHF (€142.2m-$195.9m)– a major achievement considering the very mild winter just gone.