Judging from the latest study by the NPD Group in France, the influence of teenagers on purchases of sporting goods is highly overrated. The company estimates that only 20 percent of French youngsters aged from 14 to 19 years are decision-makers for purchases of sports apparel and footwear products that are intended for them. Parents are the actual decision-makers in about 60 percent of cases, while the remaining 20 percent consist of other family members and friends. These findings are based on the response of panel members for youngsters aged from 16 to 19 years, and on estimates for younger teenagers, since it is illegal in France to involve children of 15 years and younger in a poll. The NPD Group estimates that only 5 percent of teenagers of 14 and 15 years make their own decisions for the acquisition of sports apparel and footwear, and that adults always decide on purchases for children of 13 years and younger. Youngsters of less than 20 years account for about one-third of the French sports market, and teenagers do have a strong influence on the choice of products, particularly on the brand. But in the end, purchasing decisions made by adults account for about 97 percent of the French sports apparel and footwear market’s turnover.