Foot Locker has instituted some significant changes at its top management. Lady Foot Locker is being brought under the same auspices as Foot Locker U.S., Kids Foot Locker and Footaction, and all these four businesses will be led by Richard A. Johnson as president and chief executive. Keith Daly, the former president and CEO of the U.S., children’s and Footaction businesses, is leaving the company, while Marla Anderson, president and CEO of Lady Foot Locker, will remain at the company in an as-yet-undetermined role.

Johnson was previously the president and CEO of Foot Locker Europe. He is being succeeded in that role by Lewis P. Kimble, who is moving from his position as managing director of the Asia-Pacific operations. Both are being praised by Ken Hicks, the recently appointed president and chief executive of the Foot Locker group, for the work they have been doing. Both moves are described as promotions.

The company said that it hopes the move will help clarify the market position of Foot Locker and its brands, and increase the focus on women’s products. It will shortly announce a new, full-scale strategic plan. The new structure should help coordinate synergies and save the company $10 million for 2010, though a $3 million charge was recorded for the fourth quarter of 2009 for costs related to eliminating 120 jobs in the home office and in field management.