is an interesting new German web store for the sale of sports clothing and footwear products that are at least 50 percent sustainably produced or made from recycled materials. Starting with a range of items in the fitness and running segments, it officially went live on Earth Day last Thursday.

In addition to established brands such as Asics, Brooks, Buff, Deuter, Odlo, Puma, Timberland, Vaude or UYN, Sportgreen is also offering environmentally conscious clothing by smaller brands such as Ecoalf, Picture or Veja. It is a partner of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Sportgreen is the latest project of Joachim Kiegele, a German sports retailer who runs four Intersport Kiegele stores in the Rhine-Main region. He had participated in the launch of German Sportmarken24 internet platform for independent sports retailers in 2018 together with Valeska Benner. Her husband Dominik Benner launched in 2013 a similar operation in the non-athletic footwear sector, Schuhe24.

With 30 people processing the orders at his various stores, Kiegele is running the Sportgreen project out of Intersport Kiegele’s head office in Geisenheim in cooperation with Ralf Kauffmann and Volker Ostermann, who come from a trade marketing agency, Brainartist.

Sportgreen, which has started a blog on its website, is meant to be developed in the future into a meeting place for a community of people committed to sustainability. According to German trade magazine SAZ, brick-and-mortar Sportgreen stores are to be opened in the future. In a further step, Sportgreen wants to expand its concept into the field of the circular economy, proposing to recycle and re-use the items.

The German Sportgreen has nothing to do with an Italian company by the same name that is involved in the construction of football pitches and other sports facilities.