Roughly 6,500 pairs of knock-off of the “Swerv” and “Sento” models of Lacoste footwear have been seized at a warehouse in the UK. The haul is estimated to have a market value of £390,000 (€575,000-$775,000). Pentland Brands, which owns the Lacoste footwear license, is working with local police to determine who was responsible for importing the goods. The company is arranging for the counterfeit products to be transferred to one of its warehouses in the northwest of the UK and plans to destroy them after legal proceedings are concluded. A 40-year-old man from the UK has been arrested in connection with the case and is awaiting trial in June. Pentland says that his been active in fighting product piracy in China, specifically in the province of Fujian, where it says there are a large number of illegal factories making counterfeit products. The company says that last year it raided 140 factories in total, as it strives to fight the problem at the source.