The latest proposal for anti-dumping action against Chinese and Vietnamese leather shoes by Peter Mandelson, the European trade commissioner, has been rejected by a majority of 14 of the 25 member states of the European Union in written voting procedure terminated last Friday. A spokesman said he is expected to formulate a new scheme at the end of August. Mandelson’s latest proposal, worked out after one more consultation with the anti-dumping committee of the European Commission on July 27, called for permanent anti-dumping duties 16.5 percent on leather shoes from China and 10 percent on leather footwear from Vietnam - on top of the normal import duties. They would have been lower than the maximum rates of the present gradually rising provisional duties, and one Chinese company, Golden Step, would have been assigned a duty of only 9.5 percent. Athletic shoes would still have been exempted, but in contrast with the current provisional anti-dumping duties, children’s shoes would have been included in the measures (more in Shoe Intelligence).