Verdict Research, the retail analysis firm, has estimated that people in the U.K. would spend £1.3 billion (€1.6bn-$1.9bn) in retail stores overall during the World Cup ,more than they did in the same time of year in 2009 and more than the £1.5 billion they spent during the 2006 World Cup. Not all sectors will be affected, however, and Verdict said that much of the increase would come from inflation, especially in the groceries sector, instead of being related to the World Cup directly. One analyst noted that the performance of the English team in the event would affect spending; the national team qualified for the second stage of the tournament, but then it lost. Verdict said that £1.1 billion (€1.4bn-$1.6bn) in spending would go toward food and other groceries in June and July, a 5.2 percent increase over last year, and within that, alcoholic drink sales were expected to grow by 7.2 percent to £164 million (€199.2m-$245.4m). Clothing and footwear should account for £380 million (€461.6m-$568.7m) in spending, 5.8 percent over last year.